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Testogen Review

Our Top Recommendation When You're On A Budget 

9.5 out 10 Stars!

testogen review

Testogen Benefits

  • More lean MUSCLE MASS
  • Loss of weight and especially stubborn belly fat
  • SKYROCKETS your libido (sex drive)
  • Significantly improved STRENGTH & STAMINA
  • BOUNDLESS new levels of ENERGY
  • Renewed confidence and desire to GO FOR EVERYTHING LIFE HAS TO OFFER!

Testogen Highlights

  • Most potent and powerful test booster at the best price
  • BUY 3 GET 2 FREE means only $36/bottle -> $1.20/ day
  • Contains a whopping 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris for EXTRA INTENSE libido boosting power
  • Best price among the Top 3 Testosterone Booster Winners
  • 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Packed with over 10 different ingredients (most testosterone boosters have less than 5)

Testogen Summary

With all the testosterone booster products we review and analyze, we're rarely surprised when it comes to ingredients, dosages, and prices.

However, Testogen was the most recent product that actually surprised us when it came to their quality vs. price equation.

What makes Testogen so unique is that fact that when you look at all the ingredients and the dosages, you would expect that this product would be among the top tier of the competitive landscape when it comes to pricing, but it's not. That's why we were surprised.

On ingredients alone, this product would have made it into our Top 3 Testosterone Boosters of this year, but the makers of Testogen threw in an extra incentive twist by making this product budget-friendly too! Sure, there are other testosterone boosters on the market that are cheaper than Testogen, but we're talking about compared to test boosters that actually work and produce results. Yes, you can buy an $18.99 test booster with little to no proven ingredients and sub-par dosage levels (if you're lucky enough to even see the individual ingredient dosage levels) that get you NO RESULTS.

But with Testogen, we're talking about 10 scientifically proven ingredient to boost testosterone. We're lucky when we find a product that has more than 5! Not only that, but all the individual ingredients are listed, and when you see the potent dosages, you can understand why they don't want to hide the ingredient dosages under some sketchy proprietary blend.

Combine all that with a pricing package available that gets you down to only $36/bottle (or $1.20/day), and you've got a definite Top 3 winner!

Frankly speaking, even if the pricing was higher and in line with our other two winners in the Top 3, ​it still would be one of our featured winners this year just on the merits of the product itself. It has all the makings of a great testosterone booster - PLUS a great price!

What Testogen Can Do For You

  • First and foremost - INCREASE YOUR TESTOSTERONE!
  • Get rid of fatigue and loss of concentration
  • RE-IGNITE YOUR LIBIDO like never before
  • Regain lost confidence and get rid of self doubt
  • Specifically attack weight and melt stubborn belly fat
  • Save you money by having the Best Pricing Packages - Buy 3 GET 2 FREE OFFER!

Testogen Introduction

Testogen entered the market early in 2015, and it's been making a name and carving out a niche for itself ever since.

The market is always receptive but skeptical of new players when they enter the market, and it was no different with Testogen.

That was until the market reviews and customer testimonials started coming through.

From an ingredients point of view, just doing a quick glance at the ingredients list and seeing that there were 10 known proven ingredients in this formulation got the attention of the market right away. No proprietary blend either! All the ingredients and their dosages proudly displayed, and given what they were displaying, we could understand why! Ten proven ingredients with potent dosages to match is the perfect recipe for a candidate to be in our best-of-the-best boosters of the year!

If that was enough, then they made a calculated decision that they would sacrifice short term bigger profits for longer term greater revenue (plus healthy profits). They priced this top tier booster lower than the other top competition and made it more affordable even for those on a tight budget. That's a difficult act to balance, but somehow they figured it out and did it. Just because it has a budget-friendly price, doesn't mean that it's a cheap and ineffective product like you would think based on what's out in the market now in terms of budget-priced test boosters.

Testogen's Website

I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the Testogen website. In this market, with all the reviews we've done, what we usually find are websites that are jam-packed with over-the-top alpha male graphics including explosions, fires, monster muscle pumping & vein popping meatheads, and scantily clad women, etc. Lots of marketing hype.

That's why when I checked out the Testogen website, it was really nice to see that it was credible, clean, and well organized. No crazy graphics and over hyped marketing. Very well organized and loaded with the kind of information a consumer would be look for when searching for a test booster!

testogen website

​Now, let's take a look under the covers of this top 3 winner, so you can see why it's among this year's elite.

Testogen Ingredients

testogen review ingredients

Number of Ingredients Matter

The first thing that we noticed was that there are 10 ingredients in this formulation. If you're not familiar with the testosterone booster market, that's really significant because we review products on an almost daily basis, and it's difficult to find products that have more than 5 ingredients. In fact, according to our ranking & scoring guidelines, in order for us to consider a product to be above average, we have set a stake in the ground that it must contain a minimum of 5 proven test boosting ingredients.

Proven Ingredients Matter

It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 500 ingredients in the formulation if they have not been scientifically studied and proven to boost testosterone. There are way too many test boosters on the market that don't even  have a single ingredient that has been proven to increase testosterone levels. Instead, they may have ingredients that are tied to theories or ancient tradition or they may provide a benefit that is what you would expect when your testosterone levels are vibrant and healthy, like increasing your libido.  We're not putting down the idea of having secondary ingredients that provide additional or complementary benefits to raising testosterone, but there has to be a core minimum group of 5 proven testosterone boosting ingredients as the base or foundation to build on top of, not instead of.

Doses Matter

The dosage levels are the final puzzle piece of the ingredients trifecta. Even if you have a healthy number of ingredients that are all proven testosterone boosters, it won't do you any good unless they come with dosages that are potent & effective.

Ingredients In Depth

D-Aspartic Acid (2000mg)

  • This is the cornerstone testosterone boosting ingredient for all the most powerful and effective testosterone boosters. TestoGen has a whopping 2000mg dose of D-Aspartic Acid, so not only does this product have this essential test boosting ingredient, but they also gave a dosage that will produce real results. DAA stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone which, in turn, stimulates the production of free testosterone. Studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid can increase luteinizing hormone and testosterone by over 45% in as little as 13 days!

Tribulus Terrestris (300mg)

  • Frankly, I haven’t seen enough medical proof that shows exactly how much free testosterone is increased in the body with Tribulus Terrestris. There have been many studies that show an increase in free testosterone from 0% to 57%. There needs to be more research to be done before I can be totally onboard with it’s testosterone increasing benefit. However, what is not disputed is the POWERFUL EFFECTS ON LIBIDO that Tribulus has! Here’s a link to a great study on Tribulus Terrestris showing how effective it is in significantly increasing libido in men! So for the powerful effects on libido alone, I love that TestoGen has included a huge dose (300mg) of Tribulus Terrestris. 
  • It's a good time to note that if you're looking at testosterone boosters because your main issue is a low sex drive or issues with sexual performance, Testogen has the most libido boosting power of our top 3 winners this year! We've seen products where 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris was the whole product. In Testogen, it's just one of 10 different ingredients! Tribulus Terrestris is what we would call a secondary or complementary ingredient. It's not a proven testosterone booster per se, but it is a proven libido and overall sexual performance enhancer, and that is a complementary benefit that most people are looking for when they purchase a testosterone booster, so it makes a lot of sense to include it IN ADDITION TO (not in the place of) the core test boosting ingredients.
benefits of testogen

Panax Ginseng (250mg)

  • A powerfully effective ingredient for not only increasing libido but also helps with getting much stronger erections. Since its also a catalyst for increasing nitric oxide activity you will see a noticeable improvement in endurance, stamina, energy, and even concentration.

Fenugreek (200mg)

  • Where Fenugreek shines is in it’s ability to fight the production of estrogen in men. Estrogen is the enemy of testosterone, so having Fenugreek to help fight the production of estrogen will indirectly create a scenario for more free testosterone production.

Zinc (72mg)

  • Zinc is an awesome part of the ingredient mix because it helps increase testosterone production, helps ignite the libido, and it preserves your testosterone by inhibiting the actions of aromatase enzyme (which converts testosterone to estrogen).

Vitamin B (B2, B5, B6)

  • This powerful group of vitamins creates a strong anti-estrogenic effect in the male body, increases the rate of testosterone synthesis, and increasing energy substantially

Vitamin D

  • Adding Vitamin D to the ingredients mix is critical because it is such a powerful and medically proven testosterone boosting vitamin. In multiple studies of men with low levels of testosterone, there is also parallel that those men also have decreased Vitamin D levels. In 2011, the Medical University of Graz did a study on 165 men where they provided Vitamin D supplementation consistently for a year, and the study showed the Vitamin D supplementation helped increase their testosterone levels by 20%!


  • Selenium increases sperm motility and it also boosts the effects antioxidants which rid your body of harmful toxins

Ingredients Summary

As with every supplement, the star is the ingredients, and in the case of Testogen, their ingredients formulation is a bona fide headliner! They meet or exceed all the guidelines we have set for a product to be considered for top honors. 

  • More than 5 ingredients
  • Primary ingredients must be scientifically proven to boost testosterone
  • All dosages must be listed; no proprietary blends
  • Dosages must be potent & effective enough to produce testosterone boosting change

Testogen Benefits Summary

  • You can expect your testosterone levels to measurably rise
  • Your strength and stamina will be significantly improved through measurable gains in muscle size
  • Your libido will re-ignite like it was in your 20’s
  • You will finally see that stubborn belly fat finally start to melt away
  • You will see a remarkable improvement in mental clarity and focus
  • Your energy levels will go through the roof
  • Your confidence and zest for life will return

Where Can You Buy Testogen?

Testogen can only be purchased directly through their website.

How Much Does Testogen Cost?

Testogen is priced lower than our other Top 3 winners this year, and it's offered in 3 pricing packages:

testogen review package 1

$54.95 per month

$1.83 per day

best budget test booster pricing package 2

$39.98 per month

$1.33 per day

testogen price package 3

$35.99 per month

Best Deal at only $1.20 per day

Directions For Use

  • It is recommended to take 4 capsules spread throughout the day
  • We recommend taking one after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then one in the later evening
  • Another option that works as well is to take 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner

What About Side Effects?

The great thing about Testogen is that it's a natural testosterone booster, and you don't have any of the potentially serious negative side effects like you have with testosterone injections (replacement therapy). Obviously, with any supplement, you need to take the product as directed, and if you do that, there are no known negative side effects.

Who Is Testogen Targeted For?

Testogen is targeted for men 18 years of age and older who are looking to increase their testosterone levels. It's most popular with men who have a keen interest in their overall health & fitness and who may be struggling with some of the effects of low levels of testosterone like loss of sex drive, problems with strong erections, loss of muscle tone, and increased belly fat. Finally, if you're on a tight budget but still want and need the power of a testosterone booster that will really work and produce results, then Testogen is the product for you.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

This is going to depend on how low your testosterone levels are and what symptoms you're experiencing the most. If you're looking for more energy and better mental focus & clarity, you should start to notice a difference in about a week. If you're looking for new lean muscle mass or a significant loss of belly fat, that will take longer before you really see the difference (6+ weeks).

How Can I Know If I Have Low Testosterone Levels?

Testogen has a pretty good Low T Quiz that you can take which should give you a pretty good idea where you stand with your T levels. However, if you want the definitive information, then you should see your doctor and have your T levels checked.

Is Testogen Safe?

When you take Testogen as directed, not only is it extremely safe, but it's also powerfully effective.

Does Testogen Include Any Banned Substances?

Testogen is made of only natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Because it's made of all natural ingredients, there are no banned substances that we are aware, however, it is a product that is shipped worldwide, and we don't every country's unique list of banned substances. It's best to check your particular country's banned substances list and overlay that with the ingredients list included with Testogen. We have not heard of any banned ingredients in any country up to this point. If you actually hear of one, we would really appreciate it if you could drop us a quick note through our contact page and let us know so we can let others know moving forward.

Do I Need To Cycle Testogen?

Due to the non-synthetic natural ingredients in Testogen, it is not necessary to cycle it like you have to do with injections of synthetic or foreign hormones. However, just to prevent your body from getting too acclimated to the booster, it's good to take a break a few months for a couple of weeks.

Testogen Review Verdict: Best Budget-Friendly T Booster

Testogen has won the spot for best testosterone booster when you're on a budget!

It’s the best priced testosterone booster out there that still has proven ingredients and the right kind of dosages that will produce a real and significant increase in your natural testosterone levels.


  • Large number of all ingredients
  • Scientifically tested and proven ingredients
  • All dosages are listed; no sketchy proprietary blend
  • Extremely potent and highly effective dosages
  • Most compelling pricing packages on the market; lower than the other premium test boosters
  • Extra potent libido enhancing power with mega dose of Tribulus Terrestris (300 mg)
  • Buy 3 GET 2 FREE = only $36/month = $1.20/day
  • No negative side effects
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Worldwide & discrete shipping


  • Not available in retail outlets
  • Only available for purchase via the Testogen website
  • Website doesn't show the actual ingredients label
  • 100% Money Back guarantee doesn't include the cost of shipping the product back


Even if Testogen didn't have the great pricing packages that it does, it still would have made it into our Top 3 just because the ingredients alone are that good. The great pricing is just a bonus and it carves out a very nice niche for Testogen as well.

At only $1.20/day (with their best pricing package), it's really a no brainer in our opinion.

testogen review