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TestoFuel Review

Our Top Recommendation For Bodybuilders, Weightlifters & Hardgainers

9.5 out 10 Stars!

testo fuel is the best test booster for muscle gain

TestoFuel Benefits

  • MASSIVE increase in new testosterone production
  • Plateau breaking GAINS IN PURE MUSCLE MASS & SIZE
  • ALPHA MALE Confidence & Attitude
  • SEX Drive that will BLOW HER MIND!

TestoFuel Highlights

  • More D-Aspartic Acid than any of our Top 3 testosterone boosters
  • Double the amount of scientifically proven ingredients than most testosterone boosters on the market
  • Some of the most POWERFUL & POTENT ingredient dosages in the industry
  • Been in the Top 3 since 2012 which is almost unheard of in this market
  • Has more RAVING & LOYAL bodybuilding fans than any other testosterone booster
  • All natural and 100% Legal
  • 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

TestoFuel Summary

This product has been wildly popular amongst muscle building enthusiasts while being at or near the top of nearly every reviewer’s list since 2012!

There have been some relatively new players that have entered the market in the last 24-36 months.

Does TestoFuel still have its mojo in 2017 to still be one of the top T boosters on the market?

One thing is for sure, this muscle builder’s favorite has 5 consecutive years of positive reviews and customer feedback backing it up!

So how does Testofuel stack up in the market today?

What You Can Expect From TestoFuel

  • EXPLOSIVE Muscle Growth
  • SUPERCHARGED Size and Mass
  • More INTENSE Workouts
  • FASTER Muscle Recovery Time
  • REDUCED Body Fat
  • ON FIRE Libido
  • THROUGH THE ROOF Energy Levels
  • INCREASED Alpha Male Competitiveness
benefits of testofuel

TestoFuel Ingredients

Every testosterone booster lives and dies by what's in the ingredients. TestoFuel is no different. Let's take a close look at the ingredients to find out why muscle builders love this product and why it was rated in our Top 3 products this year, and considered our top recommendation for bodybuilding and weightlifting enthusiasts!

Testo Fuel Ingredients

Ingredients In-Depth

D-Aspartic Acid – the cornerstone ingredient of TestoFuel. This is widely considered the most tested and studied natural testosterone boosting ingredient. This vital amino acid has been shown to stimulate and increase production of luteinizing hormone (LH) by nearly 45%, and this hormone is key to stimulating the production of free testosterone. At over 2300 mg, TestoFuel has more D-Aspartic Acid than our other Top 3 winners!

Fenugreek – a natural herb that has been shown to normalize testosterone levels and enhance male libido

Ginsengboosts testosterone levels by increasing hormones that are known to stimulate cell growth and testosterone production

Magnesium – there are numerous studies that have shown that men with more magnesium in their blood have been linked to higher testosterone levels

Vitamin D – this is another critical ingredient that has been widely studied and proven to show that men with low levels of Vitamin D have low levels of free testosterone

Oyster Extract – the key to oyster extract is the Zinc which is the main ingredient. Zinc is another ingredient which has been studied extensively and proven to boost free testosterone levels

These are the core ingredients of TestoFuel and these ingredients have been specially selected to work in harmony with other to produce the most powerful blend of testosterone boosting ingredients that work together to PRODUCE REAL RESULTS!

TestoFuel makers did an excellent job hand-picking the perfect storm of the most powerful and proven testosterone boosting ingredients.

These are exactly the kind of ingredients that produce LEAN DENSE MUSCLE MASS & SIZE!

testo fuel review

What Makes TestoFuel So Good?

Now that we have gone through the ingredients with a fine tooth comb, it is crystal clear why muscle builders love this product and why it is our top recommendation for weightlifters and bodybuilding enthusiasts

The number of ingredients

When we review testosterone boosters, we are continually amazed to find products that only offer 1-3 ingredients in their whole formulation. I guess we shouldn't be surprised because most companies are money hungry, and they will cut whatever corners they can to increase their own profits - including bringing to market cool sounds products that just happen to be powerless and ineffective.

Thankfully, that's not the case at all with TestoFuel!

TestoFuel has 9 total ingredients in their formulation. The reason that the number of good ingredients is extremely important becomes very clear when you understand how they interact with one another to increase testosterone levels. The ingredients in a high-quality testosterone booster like TestoFuel, work in conjunction with one another, with each of them performing a function that helps the others be more effective.​ This creates a testosterone boosting synergy that you just don't get when you only have one or just a few ingredients. That's why one of our ranking criteria in order for a product to be considered as an above-average product, is that the booster must have a minimum of 5 core test boosting ingredients. TestoFuel has almost DOUBLE that!

Check out the 8 requirements we use to rank and score every testosterone booster we review​

The science behind the ingredients

Not only does TestoFuel come with an incredible 9 different ingredients that work together to dramatically boost testosterone, but it's the science behind the ingredients that really matters. It makes no difference if you have 1 or 100 ingredients in your formulation if the ingredients are not scientifically proven to actually boost testosterone. 

This is where TestoFuel truly shines. Every one of their 9 ingredients is scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels. There are no filler ingredients or other ingredients that may give you some benefit, but provide no testosterone boosting power. With TestoFuel every ingredient in about creating more muscle pumping testosterone running through your veins than ever.​

Potent and powerful dosage levels

Another ranking criteria we have is that for any test booster to be considered in the above average category, all the dosage levels must be listed out and not hidden under a "proprietary blend" of some kind, and the ingredient must have a high enough dose to be effective at increasing testosterone.

More often than not, we come across test boosters that have a slick marketing name on their ingredients label like "Alpha Male Complex" (made up name), and it will list out some number of ingredients underneath that title, but it won't list any individual ingredients.​ This is called a proprietary blend. Any product that has a proprietary blend is automatically disqualified from getting anything higher than an average rating from us.

It does no one any good to see ingredients listed without dosage levels. The dosages are the other half of the ingredients equation. ​We have seen it too many times when a company will market the fact that they have proven ingredients, only to find out that they underdosed the ingredients to the point where they're completely ineffective. Why would they do that? High effective dosages cost more money.

Most consumers don't know how much of anything is an appropriate dose, so an unscrupulous company can fool them by fancy marketing of known good ingredients, but weak dosages that don't produce results.

TestoFuel doesn't do this. It's another reason why they have had overwhelmingly positive reviews and raving fans for over 5 years in a row!  That tells you something right there.

TestoFuel lists out all the individual ingredient dosage levels, and they are up there amongst the most potent and powerful ​levels in the market today. In fact, one of the reasons why bodybuilders and weightlifters like TestoFuel so much is that it includes the highest potency of D-Aspartic Acid even among our top three winners this year.

How Does TestoFuel Really Work?

Testosterone is an essential steroid hormone, and without it you won’t be able to build muscle and gain strength the way you want.

With TestoFuel, you’ll turbo charge the muscle building process and break the barriers to growth and BUILD MUSCLE FASTER.

The name is actually very apt because it acts like fuel that boosts your body’s testosterone production.

The reason increased testosterone increases muscle mass is because it improves the rate of protein synthesis in the body, and doing that leads to bigger MUSCLE MASS AND SIZE.

The other huge benefit of increased testosterone is that it limits the damaging effects of Cortisol which is a catabolic hormone.

Cortisol wreaks havoc on men’s testosterone levels!

Just a few very negative side effects to chronic and extended cortisol production include the breaking down of muscle, increased weight and belly fat, and a decrease in metabolism.

Don’t forget – higher testosterone levels also help you train harder, compete at a higher level, and recover significantly faster between workouts!

What makes this unique from other testosterone boosters is it works in a natural manner and doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural production processes, but rather complements it.

As any fitness buff will tell you, the secret to getting bigger, stronger muscles is to increase your testosterone, and that’s exactly what you get here.

This test booster comes complete with scientifically tested and proven essential nutrients and compounds that you need to bolster and boost testosterone production naturally, which can drop due to a number of different environmental factors as well as age.

The rate testosterone decrease in men is dropping faster now than ever before in history.

Studies have now shown that a man at any age now has 20% less testosterone than a man that same age did just 20 years ago.

That’s the reason why it gets harder and harder to build muscles even as a younger male in his 20’s, but by taking TestoFuel you’ll be able to boost your testosterone to healthy and vibrant levels while building and developing the muscular physique that you want.

Benefits of TestoFuel

Rapid and huge muscle growth is not the ONLY benefit you’ll get with TestoFuel, as there’s more. For one thing, the muscle growth increase is done safely, and along with it natural physical strength. And because it is filled with a whole host of essential supplements and vitamins, you’ll no longer need to take an endless amount of multivitamins just to keep going.

The latest research also shows that TestoFuel plays an important role in reducing body fat. What an amazing extra side benefit that is especially for bodybuilding enthusiasts to get a nice cut & shredded look to go along with the extra muscle mass!

Usually with other testosterone boosters you’ll need to take a separate fat burner, but not with TestoFuel.

You gain muscle and size, and you get cut at the same time.

The ingredients in this testosterone booster also help improve your mood, and again this is not surprising. Researchers have determined that high testosterone levels in men uplift their mood and even boost confidence, not to mention that it’s naturally easier to work out and stay focused when you’re happy, energetic and confident.

For a lot of men though, the most important benefit of this supplement is restoring their libido and revitalizing their sex drive.

This is more of a “side effect” really since the main purpose of TestoFuel is to build up muscle growth and strength, but it’s a welcome effect to be sure!

Talk about a WIN….WIN…..WIN…..WIN scenario! Builds muscle, burns fat, revitalizes sex life, and increases energy?

That’s why this product is so darn good and has had so many raving fans and positive reviews – since 2012!

What About TestoFuel Side Effects?

TestoFuel is made from a compilation of all natural ingredients. The beauty of this type of natural testosterone booster is that there are no negative side effects. Just take as directed.

TestoFuel vs. Nugenix

I've included this question because Nugenix is such a highly popular and well marketed product. If you read the Nugenix review you'll see that we really wish Nugenix would have spent some of that marketing money on a product that actually worked and produced good results.

This is an easy comparison because TestoFuel actually produces real and meaningful results and Nugenix doesn't. It's really that simple and black & white. Nugenix doesn't have enough ingredients and they only have 1 ingredient in their proprietary blend that is even proven to increase testosterone, but since it's a proprietary blend, you have no idea how much of it you're actually getting. 

Take TestoFuel that has 9 scientifically proven ingredients that work together for an incredible test boosting force. All the ingredients are listed with their individual dosages, and you have a product that has been a Top 3 winner since 2012, so they're definitely doing something right.

Where To Buy TestoFuel and How Much Is It?

  • You can purchase TestoFuel on the TestoFuel website –>CLICK Here For Website <—
  • Price: $65 for a 1-month supply
  • Their best deal costs $195 for a 4-month supply ($48.75 for each one month supply) which is a savings of close to $17/box. Plus with this deal, you get a Free T-Shirt, Free Shipping, and (2) Free E-Books – one on Nutrition and the other is a complete Workout Guide
  • If you go for their best best deal (Buy 3 GET 1 FREE), it works out to only $1.62 a day. Less than a cup of coffee per day for all the benefits you get.
  • In fairness to whatever testosterone booster you end up buying, you should give it at least 90-days so you can really see and experience the MOST RESULTS and give your body the time to adjust and recalibrate!

Here are the three pricing packages offered by Testofuel:

Click the ORDER NOW button if you'd like to buy one...it'll take you right to their website order page

testofuel 1 pricing
testofuel 2 pricing
testofuel 3 pricing

TestoFuel Reviews and Customer Testimonials

One thing is very clear, and that is TestoFuel is TOP RATED BY BODYBUILDERS and MUSCLE BUILDERS!

This is probably one of the most compelling reasons to consider TestoFuel, especially when you want to BUILD MUSCLE AND GET HUGE!

Out of the Top 3, TestoFuel has the highest dosage of D-Aspartic Acid (a whopping 2300 mg), which is instrumental in building more muscle and more strength.

No doubt, this is another reason why the bodybuilding community has been so drawn to it.

There is no testosterone booster on the market that has more positive reviews and more documented customer feedback than TestoFuel. It has 5 years in a row worth of positive reviews.

The fact that this product has been around since 2012 and has gained so much favor and notoriety, especially among bodybuilders, and serious athletes is a true testiment to how good TestoFuel really is. 

Below is just a sampling of some customer testimonials, but feel free to do an internet search, and you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews and customer testimonials!  We had to include the testimonial below of Robby Robinson! How impressive is that?  This guy is a former Mr. "Won Every Bodybuilding Trophy Ever" who is 70 years old now, and he looks better than most guys - no matter what their age is. And he's an avid TestoFuel user!

Robby Robinson - Mr. Olympia Master

It's not hard to understand why weightlifting and bodybuilding enthusiasts are so PUMPED about TestoFuel, especially when you have world class bodybuilding legends like Robby Robinson using the product.  A former Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, Mr. America......Mr. Everything....he's won them all.

Check this guy out!  Still looking INCREDIBLE and still going STRONG AT 70 YEARS OLD!!

testofuel review robby robinson record
testo fuel used by robby robinson
robby using testo fuel
robby robinson testofuel review

In Robby's Glory Days

Testo Fuel Review Final Verdict

TestoFuel made this an easy (and enjoyable) review for us. They met or exceeded all 8 of our review guidelines in order to even be considered in the category of above average. In a market where we review so many bad products, it gives us a lot of joy when we come across a good one. It gives us even more joy when it's one of the best ones of the year we've reviewed, and TestoFuel is in that category.

TestoFuel is #1 recommended testosterone booster for muscle builders, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and hardgainers!

It's got premium muscle building ingredients, powerful & potent dosages, and largest number of positive reviews and raving fans we've ever seen.

Plus, it's been getting top honors in this market for the LAST 5 YEARS IN A ROW!​  Bad and ineffective products don't last. Good ones are here for the long haul.

If you're looking to build more muscle, cut more fat, break plateaus, train harder, or recover faster, then you can't go wrong with TestoFuel!


Why Buy Testo Fuel?

You should buy TestoFuel if you're looking to build more muscle, train harder, and recover faster. Those goals come with increased testosterone, and with the proven ingredients and dosages to match, TestoFuel will help you accomplish your goals.

Who Is Testo Fuel targeted for?

TestoFuel is targeted for men that 18+ and that are looking specifically for a legal steroid alternative that can boost testosterone safely and naturally. Though it's targeted for a younger demographic, older men looking to boost testosterone levels will experience great results.

Does TestoFuel contain any stimulants that will cause sleeplessness?

No, there are no stimulants like caffeine or similar in it

Do I need to cycle Testo Fuel?

No, it is made of all natural compounds that have been designed and combined to be taken on a daily basis without any negative side effects

How long should I take TestoFuel for?

Though you should start to feel some benefits and results in about 10 days to two weeks, it is recommended that you take Testo Fuel for at least two months, but preferably three months. Boosting your testosterone naturally is different than getting injected with straight foreign or synthetic testosterone into your body - it takes more time when its done naturally, but it's much healthier and safer.

How much should I take each day?

A bottle of TestoFuel comes with 120 capsules, and the directions state that you should take 4 capsules a day. Our recommendation is that you take 2 with breakfast and two with dinner.

Will I pass a drug test after taking Testo Fuel?

Yes, TestoFuel contains no banned substances; instead it contains amino acids, botanicals, minerals, vitamins, and other natural compounds.

Why should I trust that TestoFuel will actually work?

There are many testosterone boosters on the market that give the idea of test boosters a bad name. The reason why you should feel confident that TestoFuel is different is because it has nine different scientifically proven ingredients to boost testosterone. That's science from clinical trials and medical journals - not just something that was "thought to boost testosterone" over the years. When these ingredients are combined together, in a sense, they complement or help each other to be even more effective. The dosage levels are precisely measured to be in line with the science. Not too little to be ineffective and not too much 

If I buy TestoFuel, will my credit card get rebilled automatically?

No, you only get what you pay for that one time. You can't get on an automatic billing even if you wanted to.

What kind of packaging does Testo Fuel come in?

TestoFuel is discreetly shipped in plain blank packaging.

Will I get roid rage from TestoFuel?

No, roid rage is something you can get when your testosterone levels are raised to the point that is above natural. Much higher levels than they should be. When you use TestoFuel, it causes your body to raise it's own levels of testosterone to a naturally high, but healthy point - not beyond that.