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Increase Testosterone With High Intensity Interval Training

increase testosterone with HIIT

Guys, we all know that modern day life is putting on a full court press on our testosterone levels, and that's evident because men are suffering from lower T levels at a younger age, and the rate of decline is faster than ever before in history. 

On average, men today have roughly 20% less overall testosterone in their systems than that same man would have had just 20 years ago.

It's time to start fighting back and not only preserving our natural T levels, but also integrating key strategies and tactics that science is telling us will actually INCREASE our uniquely male hormone.

That's where High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) comes into the discussion.

This post will discuss what HIIT is, and how it can do wonders to increase your T!

What Is High Intensity Interval Training?

Some people call it burst training, some call it sprint interval training, and some call it high intensity intermittent exercise. These are all terms that are used to describe high intensity interval training (HIIT).

So what is it exactly?

In a nutshell, it's a form of exercise that is based on high intensity bursts of exercises that typically last between 20-60 seconds, and it's followed by a period of either very low intensity exercise or complete rest for 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on what you're trying to accomplish with the training, and you repeat this cycle for a number of sets.

How Long Do HIIT Sessions Last?

This is one of the cool things about HIIT. In order to make the sessions effective, you need to really give 100% effort when you're doing the high intensity burst part of the session.

Since you're expending so much energy and effort, an optimal HIIT session should only last between 12 and 25 minutes. That seems to be the sweet spot for effectiveness.

You don't want to go too long or else you end up producing too much cortisol and that has a negative effect on your testosterone production, but you want to go long enough to cause your body to produce the desired hormonal response of increasing testosterone so it can accomplish the high intensity tasks you given it.

It may sound easy since the sessions are only between 12-25 minutes long, but honestly, they're not. It's much easier to most other forms of exercise. It's really hard to go full out 100% on anything for 20-60 seconds. Then imagine resting for 30-60 seconds and then doing it again and again and again.  

Are you starting to get the picture? This is hard, but that's why you get such great benefit from it.​ You go really hard for a few rounds of very high bursts of intense exercise and then rest.

Benefits Of HIIT

Turns out that increasing our T levels is just one of the many different benefits you get with high intensity interval training.

Not only does it increase testosterone, but it has also been shown to increase human growth hormone for the same reasons that it increases T levels.  (study)

The maximum energy output is putting calls onto the central nervous that require those increases to get the job done.

HIIT has also been shown to increase the size and density of muscles by increasing your overall energy and nitric oxide levels.

Another great benefit of high intensity interval training is that it burns fat like no other exercise, and the bonus is that it continues to burn fast for 24-36 hours even after you're done with the HIIT sessions! This is one of the reasons why HIIT is so popular today and why most of the home workouts you see advertised on TV have incorporated some form of HIIT.

Other benefits include increased libido, normalization of blood sugar, increased insulin sensitivity, some really nice anti-aging properties, and incredible weight loss.

I had plateaued with my weight loss efforts for months and was really frustrated until I found out about HIIT. After incorporating HIIT into my workout routine, I busted through the plateau that I had for almost a year.​

Video: Benefits of HIIT More In-Depth With Dr. Pompa​

Dr. Pompa is a nationally recognized expert in cellular healing and neurotoxic illnesses and conditions. He has a great understanding of how HIIT impacts the male body particularly as it relates to increased testosterone and human growth hormone.

It's a short video of just a few minutes, but he explains things in laymen's terms which was really helpful for me, and I thought it might be helpful for you too.

Examples of HIIT Routines That Increase Testosterone

If you search the internet you will find countless different HIIT routines you can do.  Why? Because the benefit of HIIT comes out of the high intensity part of the training, and you can do pretty much any actual exercise to max output.

If you're looking to increase testosterone, but also want to add some androgenic effects like more muscle mass, then you can tailor the routine to incorporate more muscle building exercises as part of the session. You just do them at full maximum output for the 30-60 seconds, and give yourself a little longer rest period in between sets (1-2 minutes).

If your goal, in addition to upping your T levels, is to lose weight and especially belly fat, then you can tailor the session more towards aerobic type exercises - like sprinting, as an example.​

I have to say, that there is something about doing sprinting intervals that just really gets the T flowing. I almost feel the most energized and "alpha" after doing sprint intervals. It just feels like it completely works the entire body. Try sprinting all out for just 20 seconds - especially if you're in your late mid-to-late 30s or higher. I'm 49 years old, and when you look around, you can tell most 49 year old men haven't sprinted in years!

Video Example: High Intensity Interval Training With Sprints

Video Example: HIIT session using a combination of aerobic and non-aerobic exercises

The HIIT Testosterone Summary

As you attack this problem of declining testosterone levels, high intensity interval training is definitely a strategy that you need to employ in your bag of tricks.

It's got win/win all over it, especially with all the additional benefits you get with HIIT. It's one of those things where even if it didn't increase testosterone, you would want to incorporate it for all of the other additional benefits it provides.

Keep attacking the issue from as many different angles as you can. This includes implementing the right kinds of exercises, the right kinds of foods, the right kind of supplementation, and the right kinds of lifestyle habits like getting good quality sleep and reducing chronic stress.​

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