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Cellucor P6 Extreme Review

p6 xtreme review bottle

Cellucor is marketing P6 Xtreme as their premium top-of-the-line product.

It's a multi-function product that is said to boost testosterone, block or regulate estrogen, minimize production of DHT, and enhance focus and mood.

It's like getting 4 different products in one, and it's got a 4-product retail price tag to go along with it at $169.99

So the question is, did Cellucor deliver the goods with "jack of all trades" product or is it the "master of none"?​

P6 Xtreme Product Summary

To the ear, everything about the P6 Xtreme product sounds good. I mean who wouldn't want a product that boosts testosterone, controls estrogen, minimizes DHT, and gives you better mood & focus? That's why we review products though. As we've come to learn, great marketing always sounds good, but it doesn't always translate into a good product. So our intention is to strip away all the marketing and really get down to the nitty gritty so we can figure out if the product really lives up to the marketing or not.

If you're just looking for our quick synopsis of this P6 product, we'll tell you upfront that it just didn't live up to the marketing in our minds.

As is usually the case with multi-function products, you typically get a watered down version of each of the functions they are trying to provide for you. That seems to be the case with P6 Xtreme.

Unfortunately for us, this product fell into the "master of none" category, and as far as boosting testosterone is concerned, we consider this a below average product.  

P6 Extreme Pros & Cons


  • Contains a variety of 9 different ingredients that could provide you with some level of benefit
  • Includes two known proven testosterone boosting ingredients - Ashwagandha and Longjack (Tongkat Ali)


  • Proprietary blend hides all ingredient dosages
  • No way of knowing how effective any ingredient could be since dosage levels are hidden
  • Only two known test boosting ingredients (we recommend at least 5)
  • Missing many of the "big hitter" testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Saw palmetto decreasing DHT is too controversial; fair amount of research that says lowering DHT has some very negative side effects
  • Most expensive test booster we've ever reviewed at $169.99

Let's go deeper into the product, and take a closer look to see why we gave it a below average rating.

P6 Ingredients

p6 xtreme review

P6 Proprietary Blend

The P6 Xtreme Blend is the starting point for a less than above average score. Any type of blend means that you are graced with what ingredients are included (since that's mandated by the FDA), but you don't get to see how much of each ingredient you're going to ingest into your body.

The dosage level of any ingredient is CRITICAL in understanding and evaluating the effectiveness of that ingredient, not to mention, how effective it is in the overall ingredients formulation.​

As a reviewer of testosterone booster products, I can't make an accurate assessment of the ingredients when I don't know how much is included in the formulation.

What I can tell from the P6 ingredients label is that there are only two ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone.

Those two ingredients are Ashwagandha and LJ100 (aka Longjack or Tongkat Ali). The first thing I look for is how many proven test boosting ingredients are there in the formulation. If I see less than 5, than I'm already putting the product in the average or below category. The starting point to even be considered an above average product is to have a minimum of 5 proven testosterone boosting ingredients. This product has only 2.

The next thing I look at according to our testosterone booster ranking guidelines are the dosage levels of the ingredients. Why? Well, it's all well and good to have proven T boosting ingredients, but if the ingredients are severely underdosed, then it really won't do you much good regardless of how good the ingredient itself is. ​

So we're left ​with the fact that all we know is that there are two proven T boosting ingredients, but no idea how much.

There are many other products on the market that we would easily recommend above this product that have anywhere from 8-12 different proven ingredients with strong and potent dosages to go along with them.​  [Check out our top 3 T boosters this year]

Does P6 Extreme Really Work?

I think you can see now why this is a difficult question to answer at best. We are rating this product as a testosterone booster. So, in our minds, for it to work, it must do the job of increasing your testosterone levels.

In order to do that job in an effective and above average way, it needs to have a minimum of 5 ingredients that have been proven to boost testosterone, and this product only has 2. Again, that fact alone would make me consider this a below average product.

It also has to have strong and effective dosages to go along with the proven ingredients. In this case, we have no idea how much each of the two ingredients was included in this formulation.​  Let's just assume that it had 200 mg of Longjack and 500 mg of Ashwagandha. Those would be considered appropriately effective dosages.  Even if that was true, this product would be considered at best, average.

​Generously assuming that there are appropriate dosages in the Ashwagandha and Longjack, and also assuming there were equally appropriate dosages in the libido enhancing ingredients included - > Stinging Nettle and Tribulus, you would like experience a moderate level of testosterone increase. Probably the most notable thing you would experience would be an increase in your libido due to the Stinging Nettle and Tribulus which are known and proven libido enhancers as opposed to being testosterone boosters.

Should I Buy P6?

Unfortunately, we can't recommend this product. This testosterone booster is average at best (that's if our ingredients dosage assumptions are even correct). As mentioned earlier, there truly are much better products on the market that you can feel good about. They come with a large combination of ingredients that work together to create a testosterone boosting force that enables your body to really pump out the testosterone!

Warning: The other issue is the focus of this product to lower DHT through ingredients like Saw Palmetto.

There is an enzyme in your body called 5-Alpha Reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone into its more potent form which is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is said that DHT is 3-10 times as strong as testosterone is and most medical experts believe that it’s the principal androgen behind the development of genitals, male sexual function, body hair, beard growth, and muscle growth. There is a strong correlation between the benefits you receive with higher testosterone and higher levels of DHT.  The thing to remember is that there wouldn't be any DHT without testosterone.

So then the next natural question is why would you want to DECREASE or minimize this critical androgen?

It looks like Saw Palmetto increases testosterone, but it does it by reducing the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme, and thus prohibiting the conversion of testosterone to the more powerful DHT. Testosterone is being blocked from being converted into its more potent form.

There are also some studies on Saw Palmetto that give us reason to pause with a bit of concern.

This study determined that Saw Palmetto can actually cause sexual dysfunction, which logically makes some sense because it blocks the main androgen behind good sexual function (DHT).

I don't think there's any question whether Saw Palmetto lowers or minimizes DHT. It's one of the selling points of P6 Xtreme. I guess we just don't understand why you would want to do that. Most anywhere you look, DHT is considered the KING of all male androgens.

So for me personally, the fact that it has Saw Palmetto would be a very big reason why I would NOT use this product. It just goes against what I believe would provide me the body & health benefits. 

Where To Buy and How Much Is P6 Extreme?

Well, there's one thing that is WAY ABOVE AVERAGE about P6 Xtreme - and that's the price. This product retails for $169.99!!

I've seen it on Amazon, but at the time of this review, it's showing as out of stock.

It's also available on GNC for $149.99​

P6 Customer Reviews

p6 customer reviews

It's difficult to find a lot of customer testimonials or reviews, but looking on the GNC website, you can see that it got an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

For product that is priced so high, it needs to have STELLAR REVIEWS across the board, like the products in our top 3 have.​

P6 Xtreme Review Summary

  • It's difficult to find many positives about this product, but at least it has 2 proven testosterone boosters and a couple of libido enhancers.
  • Not enough known testosterone boosting ingredients (should be a minimum of 5)
  • No individual ingredients dosage levels listed (a must to be considered above average)
  • Tried to do too much with one product and ended up not doing anything very well
  • We don't agree with the premise of wanting to lower DHT
  • We have issues with the use of Saw Palmetto and some of the potentially negative effects that come with it
  • Insane retail price of $169.99 is almost 3x what the best testosterone boosters cost
  • Just too many holes in the product and too many issues to overcome
  • Bottom Line:  We rate this as a BELOW AVERAGE test booster

When it comes to increasing your testosterone naturally, you need to take a multi-faceted approach. You need to make changes in your exercise, your dietary choices, your lifestyle choices, and your environment. Together all these things will create a powerful and measurable INCREASE in your T levels - and it's all done naturally! One of the easiest and most potent ways to really make a change in your T is by supplementing with a proven testosterone booster. It's got to have at least 8-12 scientifically proven test boosting ingredients, high potent dosages (all listed), and it's got to have great market and customer reviews! All those check mark boxes are checked with our Top 3 Winners of this year! Just pick the one that fits your needs best!

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