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Tongkat Ali Benefits and Side Effects

benefits and side effects of tongkat ali

What Is Tongkat Ali

You often see Tongkat Ali listed in the components formulation of numerous testosterone boosters as well as sexual performance supplemental products.

In this article we will take an in-depth look at the benefits, negative effects, and also the uses of this potent botanical. Primarily, we want to validate whether or not this is a scientifically proven supplement ingredient to boost testosterone.

When you look at testosterone boosters on the market today, a number of them are marketed with ingredients that are claimed to be testosterone increasing ingredients, when actually, there is no clinical proof behind them. That's why we want to dig deep into all the most prominent active ingredients in test boosters to figure out which ones really have scientific research backing them up on their claims.

That is our objective with Tongkat Ali in this article.

Tongkat Ali is also referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia, Longjack, Tung Saw or Pasak Bumi. Basically it is a natural herb that grows natively in the countries of Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, as well as Indonesia. Occasionally the regional citizens in these nations describe Tongkat Ali (TA) as Malaysian Ginseng. Some individuals call it "natural viagra" because of its capabilities to address and fix a variety of sexual dysfunctions.

TA has a variety of  active components such as eurycomanon, eurycomanol, and also eurycomalacton just to name a few. These active components have actually been used in treating numerous health conditions for centuries.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali Increases Testosterone Levels

In doing our research we found that Tongkat Ali has actually been medically verified and proven to increase testosterone levels in a measurable way.  What we found was that Tongkat Ali is especially powerful at increasing T levels in men suffering from low levels of testosterone to start with.

Among one of the most compelling studies was this one which was made up of 76 participants who were struggling with low testosterone. Each of these males were offered 200 mg of Tongkat Ali for one month. The results were more than excellent. Outcomes revealed an extraordinary boost in testosterone levels of 46%!

Additionally compelling was the fact that over 90% of the men were able to maintain their new normal-range T levels consistently moving forward after taking Tongkat Ali.

In 2013, the Journal Of International Society Of Sports Nutrition performed this peer-reviewed research which included 62 subjects. In this research study, fifty percent of the subjects were offered a sugar pill, and the other half were given Tongkat Ali. The research study lasted 4 weeks, and the results revealed that the team receiving TA revealed a boost in testosterone of 37%! Not just that, but they also showed a 16% decrease in cortisol.

These are simply two instances of scientific studies where the science plainly reveals that Tongkat Ali is an effective testosterone booster. In our analysis, we found numerous even more studies that showed the same or comparable outcomes.

Tongkat Ali Increases Sex Drive​

TA is most likely most kept in mind for its ability to boost sex drive. This is why it is usually described as "natural viagra". It has actually been made use of for centuries here. Not only has it been shown to enhance libido yet it likewise has actually been revealed to raise erection quality. To sum it up, TA appears to be a great all over sex-related efficiency booster on numerous fronts. (study) (study) (study)

Improves Male Fertility

There is additionally clinical information that indicates TA as assisting to boost sperm high quality, motility, as well as quantity. There was a randomized dual blind sugar pill study of 109 guys that were split up right into two groups. One group received a placebo and the other group received 300 mg of Tongkat Ali. The research study was performed over a six-month time period. The results of the research showed an increase in sperm motility by 44% and also sperm volume by 18%.

Another research study of 75 males that took TA every day revealed significant improvement in all sperm specifications including sperm count as well as sperm quality. Additionally, the outcomes lasted for months after the research was completed.

Helps In Treating Cancer​

A study that was highlighted in the Natural Products Journal revealed that TA consists of beta-carboline alkaloids that evidently are extremely powerful against breast and lung cancer cells. Researchers associated with this study recognized 3 new beta-carboline alkaloids as well as 19 existing ones that are considered to be very cytotoxic.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

As we've seen in other research studies, among the by-products that come with taking TA is that it minimizes cortisol. In this 4-week research study, the results revealed an 11% reduction in tension, a 15% decline in confusion, a 12% decrease in anger, and also 16% decrease in cortisol.

Helps With Weight Loss & Muscle Gain​

Because of proven testosterone boosting abilities, you are going to naturally experience gains in lean muscle mass production as well as a loss in stubborn belly fat. A 2002 Malaysian study of a somewhat small group of males taking just 100 mg of Tongkat Ali for 5 weeks showed a boost in lean muscular tissue mass of 5% and also a substantial reduction in body fat.

The bottom line is that we have actually seen scientific proof that Tongkat Ali does in fact increase testosterone levels especially in men struggling with low T levels. Not only that, yet we also can see that TA has countless various other benefits making it an effective ingredient to keep in your test boosting (and general health) arsenal.

Side Effects Of Tongkat Ali​

In looking into Tongkat Ali, we saw that there really just weren't lots of significant negative effects. Absolutely there were no severe negative effects affecting kidney or liver functions.

There were some possible moderate side effects that we uncovered when truly digging so we figured we should at least note them for you here. These really do appear to be exceptions rather than the rule.

  • Enhanced body heat - it's advised to raise water intake.
  • Possibly a slight increase aggressive behavior
  • Insomnia - if you historically have had issues with this or are susceptible to it, then we would recommend beginning with a smaller dosage until your body gets used to it, and then you can increase the dosage over time at a slower rate.
  • Restlessness - this is more prevalent when you don't follow dosage recommendations and you overdose. If you follow the directions for use, you should be fine.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

With the research and analysis we did, we found that best extract to look for was a 200:1 extract. ​You should follow the directions for use, but we can tell you that most of the supplements we found had a dosage range of 300 mg - 500 mg.

It's additionally recommended that you cycle Tongkat Ali. As a general rule of thumb, you need to consider cycling it at a 60/40 cycle time. We suggest that you take a cycle break that is about 40%  of time that you cycling on it. So if you take it for a month, take a break and cycle off of it for the next 10-12 days. This way your body doesn't adjust to it, and you constantly experience the power as well as advantages of it. Then  you can go back on it and continue the cycles.

If you're looking to purchase Tongkat Ali, we recommend the following 200:1 extract:

$67 per month / $2.23 per day

$46.90 per month / $1.56 per day

Final Summary​

Clearly Tongkat Ali is on our checklist of recognized and tried and tested active ingredients to boost testosterone. So if you see it listed in the active ingredients formulation of a testosterone booster, then you can have confidence that at the very least that active ingredient excels.

Again, as you're looking for the best testosterone boosters on the market, look for ones that have a minimum of 5 proven ingredients that have been shown to boost testosterone. Tongkat Ali is clearly one of them.  If you're interested in seeing a list of the 15 most powerful proven ingredients, click the button below.

When it comes to increasing your testosterone naturally, you need to take a multi-faceted approach. You need to make changes in your exercise, your dietary choices, your lifestyle choices, and your environment. Together all these things will create a powerful and measurable INCREASE in your T levels - and it's all done naturally! One of the easiest and most potent ways to really make a change in your T is by supplementing with a proven testosterone booster. It's got to have at least 8-12 scientifically proven test boosting ingredients, high potent dosages (all listed), and it's got to have great market and customer reviews! All those check mark boxes are checked with our Top 3 Winners of this year! Just pick the one that fits your needs best!

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