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Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Last Updated:  1/07/2017

A testosterone test can determine if your testosterone production is slowing down, but as a rule the production goes down as you enter your mid-30s.

To help combat this natural decline with age, you need to consider taking a testosterone supplement that will increase your production levels to a healthy and beneficial state.

But the question is, do testosterone boosters work?

Do Testosterone Boosters Work

The short answer is they CAN work IF you choose the right one.

There are hundreds of testosterone boosters out on the market.  The sad truth is that many of them aren’t worth a single penny because they won’t produce any real or meaningful results in raising testosterone levels.

Why?  It usually boils down to one or two major reasons why:

  1. They either don’t include proven and tested ingredients that have been shown to increase testosterone or reduce production of estrogen
  2. If they do include proven and tested ingredients, they don’t provide a high enough dose because it’s expensive and they’re trying to make a buck.  This allows them to trick people into thinking they are getting a quality product when, in fact, they are not.

What the Evidence Shows

There are two basic ways to measure the efficiency of testosterone boosters, and they are customer feedback and scientific tests and trials. There’s no question that many testosterone supplements don’t work, but some of them really do, and you can tell by the number of positive reviews posted about them online.

Second, the highest quality testosterone boosters undergo clinical trials before being released, and the results are positive and publically posted. In fact, many of the ingredients used in the best testosterone booster products have FDA approval, an indication they are safe to use.

In fact if you’re going to buy a testosterone supplement, you absolutely need to check the ingredients list and make sure there is sufficient information about each one.

You want to make sure that you see an itemized list of ALL THE INGREDIENTS, and you want to see the exact dosage levels for all the ingredients.

Stay away from ANY SUPPLEMENT that doesn’t show all the ingredients and dosages.  You especially want to stay away from any product that uses the term “proprietary blend” on the label.  You are the consumer and you care about what goes into your body, and therefore, you need to know exact ingredients and dosages.

Proprietary blends tell you nothing, and you’re rolling the dice with what you’re putting in your body because you just don’t know.

To get the most beneficial and noticeable effect out of these test boosters, you really should consider adding some work in the gym and eat a proper diet.   You want to to attack this issue from as many natural angles as you can to give yourself the most positive results!

Taking a high quality testosterone booster is the easiest and most effective way to raise your testosterone, but it’s not the only one.  The more ways you attack the problem, the bigger results you’ll see across the board.

With that in mind, you also want to make sure that you’re getting plenty of good healthy sleep and that you are managing your life well so you’re not dealing with the testosterone killing effects of chronic stress!

However, one of the many benefits of these testosterone boosters is they give you the energy necessary to work out and exercise. At the same time they also function as fat burners, so as you build muscle you also will experience fat loss, which provides additional motivation for you to keep working out and being healthy.

Testosterone supplements will work only if they have the right ingredients and have been mixed properly at dosage levels that have been tested and proven to be effective, and the best product available on the market right now is Prime Male, and it’s definitely something that you will want to take a look at.

Read our Prime Male review to see why it is top rated in the market – HANDS DOWN!

Read the Prime Male review

What Makes Prime Male Different?

Testosterone injections are expensive and can only be prescribed and administered by a physician.

They also have a lot of potential negative or harmful side effects.  Especially over the last two there have been significant safety concerns with Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster.  It does not require a physician’s direction and prescription, and it does not come any negative side effects like testosterone replacement therapy.

It’s an all natural testosterone booster that works in conjunction with your body to have it produce an increase in its own natural testosterone production.  This is a different approach when compared to testosterone replacement therapy.  Replacement therapy means you’re taking testosterone from an outside source and injecting it into your body.

Not only are there some serious potential negative and harmful side effects, but when you put outside testosterone into your body, you essentially are causing your body to do something you don’t want it to do.

If your body detects that it has enough testosterone (even from an outside source), then it thinks it doesn’t need to produce more, and so it slows down testosterone production even more.  Then you’re stuck with having to take testosterone injections if you want more testosterone because your body has slowed testosterone production even more.

That’s why it makes sense to consider an all natural testosterone booster like Prime Male.  It works WITH YOUR BODY so that your body produces more of its own natural testosterone and they do it safely and without side effects!

Prime Male uses the Citrate form of all its ingredients which means that they are the highest quality and form available on the market.

It doesn’t use cheap filler ingredients and it definitely doesn’t use ingredients that haven’t been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels naturally in a real and significant way.

where to buy prime maleWhat kind of benefits can you expect from a high quality booster like Prime Male?

  • More lean muscle mass
  • High sex drive
  • More energy & stamina
  • More fat loss
  • More mental focus and clarity

So to answer the question do testosterone boosters work, the answer is yes, if you take something like a high quality and proven booster like Prime Male which has been scientifically and medically proven to increase testosterone.