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TestoFuel Review

Last Updated:  1/07/2017

This product has been at the top of nearly every reviewer’s list since 2012!

Does it still have its mojo in 2017?

TestoFuel has been the most popular testosterone booster, especially among younger men looking to GET RIPPED WITH EXPLOSIVE AND MASSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH & STRENGTH


If you look for testosterone boosters and supplements online, there’s no question that Testofuel is one of most popular and widely used with almost universally positive reviews on any site you check out – especially bodybuilding sites.

Not only that, but this muscle building test booster has years of positive reviews and customer feedback backing it up!

So how does this testosterone booster stack up in the market today?


top rated test boosterTestoFuel Benefits:

  • TestoFuel 3EXPLOSIVE Muscle Growth
  • SUPERCHARGED Size and Mass
  • REDUCED Body Fat
  • ON FIRE Libido
  • THROUGH THE ROOF Energy Levels
  • INCREASED Alpha Male Competitiveness




Click To Checkout The Official TestoFuel Website

testofuel website

testofuel review

testofuel reviewtestofuel reviews

How TestoFuel Works

benefits - testofuel reviewTestosterone is an essential steroid hormone, and without it you won’t be able to build muscles and gain strength the way you want.

With this supplement, you’ll turbo charge the muscle building process and break the barriers to growth and BUILD MUSCLE FASTER.

The name is actually very apt because it acts like fuel that boosts your body’s testosterone production.

The reason increased testosterone increases muscle mass is because it improves the rate of protein synthesis in the body, and doing that leads to bigger MUSCLE MASS AND SIZE.

The other huge benefit of increased testosterone is that it limits the damaging effects of Cortisol which is a catabolic hormone.  Cortisol wreaks havoc on men’s testosterone levels!
Don’t forget – higher testosterone levels also help you train harder, compete at a higher level, and recover significantly faster between workouts!
What makes this unique from other testosterone boosters is it works in a natural manner and doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural production processes, but rather complements it.

muscular testofuel man

As any fitness buff will tell you, the secret to getting bigger, stronger muscles is to increase your testosterone, and that’s exactly what you get here.

This test booster comes complete with all the essential nutrients that you need to bolster and boost testosterone production naturally, which just slows down as you age. That’s the reason why it gets harder and harder to build muscles as you get older, but by taking TestoFuel you’ll be able to build and develop those muscles like you want to.


>>>Click To Checkout The Official TestoFuel Website<<<


Benefits of TestoFueltestofuel benefits man

But rapid and huge muscle growth is not the only benefit you’ll get with TestoFuel, as there’s more. For one thing, the muscle growth increase is done safely, and along with it natural physical strength. And because it is filled with a whole host of essential supplements and vitamins, you’ll no longer need to take an endless amount of multivitamins just to keep going.

The latest research also shows that TestoFuel plays an important role in reducing body fat. I love what an amazing extra side benefit that is! Usually with other testosterone boosters you’ll need to take a separate fat burner, but not with TestoFuel.

Basically what happens is that as you take this supplement, testosterone production increases, at the same time fat is burned. With this “double action” you just have to keep taking the supplement and you’ll see your muscles grow and your body fat melting away.

The ingredients in this testosterone booster also help improve your mood, and again this is not surprising. Researchers have determined that high testosterone levels in men uplift their mood and even boost confidence, not to mention that it’s naturally easier to work out and stay focused when you’re happy, energetic and confident.

For a lot of men though, the most important benefit of this supplement is restoring the libido and revitalizing your sex drive. This is more of a “side effect” really since the main purpose of a test booster is to build up muscle growth and strength, but it’s a welcome effect to be sure!

Talk about a WIN….WIN…..WIN…..WIN scenario!  Builds muscle, burns fat, revitalizes sex life, and increases energy?

That’s why this product is so darn good and has had so many raving fans and positive reviews – since 2012!

Customer Testimonials

This is probably one of the most compelling reasons to consider TestoFuel, especially when you want to BUILD MUSCLE AND STRENGTH!

There is no testosterone booster on the market that has more positive reviews and more documented customer feedback like TestoFuel.

The fact that this product has been around since 2012 and has gained so much favor and notoriety, especially among you men, bodybuilders, and serious athletes is a true testiment to how good TestoFuel really is.

Below is just a sampling of some customer testimonials, but feel free to do an internet search, and you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews and customer testimonials!

Click To Checkout The Official TestoFuel Website

testofuel website

TestoFuel Ingredients

When it comes to testosterone boosting ingredients to build massive muscle size and strength, there are two stand-out qualities that make TestoFuel so impressive:

  • TestoFuel uses PROVEN INGREDIENTS to boost testosterone naturally
  • TestoFuel uses high enough dosages of those ingredients to actually boost your testosterone
    • Notice the WHOPPING 2300mg of D-Aspartic Acid

Check out these proven ingredients and meaningful dosages :

(Actual TestoFuel Label)

TestoFuel Ingredients


testofuel benefitsKey Boosting Ingredients And What They Mean To You

D-Aspartic Acid – the cornerstone ingredient of TestoFuel.  This is widely considered the most tested and studied natural testosterone boosting ingredient.  This vital amino acid has been shown to stimulate and increase production of luteinizing hormone (LH) by nearly 45%, and this hormone is key to stimulating the production of free testosterone.

Fenugreek – a natural herb that has been shown to normalize testosterone levels and enhance male libido

Ginsengboosts testosterone levels by increasing hormones that are known to stimulate cell growth and testosterone production

Magnesium – there are numerous studies that have shown that men with more magnesium in their blood have been linked to higher testosterone levels

Vitamin D – this is another critical ingredient that has been widely studied and proven to show that men with low levels of Vitamin D have low levels of free testosterone

Oyster Extract – the key to oyster extract is the Zinc which is the main ingredient.  Zinc is another ingredient which has been studied extensively and proven to boost free testosterone levels

These are the core ingredients of TestoFuel and these ingredients have been specially selected to work in harmony with other to produce the most powerful blend of testosterone boosting ingredients that work together to PRODUCE REAL RESULTS!


no negative testofuel effectsWhat About Booster Side Effects?

TestoFuel is made from a compilation of all natural ingredients.  The beauty of this type of natural testosterone booster is that there are no negative side effects. Just take as directed.


TestoFuel Stack

For those that don’t know what a stack is…it’s when you combine or “stack” up several different supplements together to provide an enhanced effect of some kind.  The only thing I occasionally stack with TestoFuel is a Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement and/or a Creatine supplement.

Usually, I only stack with those supplements after I’ve been sick or been traveling, and missed working out for a prolonged period of time.  It’s kind of a nice boost or kick starter to quickly get back to where I was before.  But for my regular supplementation, TestoFuel on its own gives me everything I need to produce the results I want!


Where To Buy TestoFuel and How Much Is It?

  • where to buy testofuelYou can purchase TestoFuel on the TestoFuel website –>CLICK Here For Website <—
  • Price:  $65 for a 1-month supply
  • Their best deal costs $195 for a 4-month supply ($48.75 for each one month supply) which is a savings of close to $17/box.  Plus with this deal, you get a Free T-Shirt, Free Shipping, and (2) Free E-Books – one on Nutrition and the other is a complete Workout Guide


The Final Verdict

prime male verdictWhen it comes to producing effects similar to an anabolic steroid ,  Testofuel just GETS THE JOB DONE!

Men looking to MASSIVELY BUILD MUSCLE & STRENGTH will not be disappointed at all – especially with the efficiency and speed in which you will SEE RESULTS!

Unlike other testosterone boosters, this one doesn’t have any side effects, and the ingredients have been specially chosen so that it accelerates muscle building in ways that would otherwise be impossible.


testofuel reviewIs this the best testosterone booster on the market?  No, but it is in the top 2 for sure!  Prime Male owns the #1 spot for 2017!
Bottom line is THIS PRODUCT DELIVERS THE GOODS!  You will absolutely raise your testosterone levels TestoFuel and you  will experience the benefits that increased testosterone provides:



  • MORE Energy and Stamina
  • Revitalized Sex Life and Libido
  • BETTER Mood and Mental Clarity


testofuel results



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