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Prime Male Review

Last Updated:  1/07/2017

Can this product retain its crown as Best Testosterone Booster On The Market?

Check out this Prime Male review and see if it still reigns supreme in 2017!

prime male reviewProduct Highlights:

  • Increased body strength leads to MORE LEAN MUSCLE
  • Stronger LIBIDO
  • Higher energy levels and stamina
  • Weight loss
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • New, healthier & tighter look for your skin
  • Sharpened mental alertness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthier prostate


Prime Male


For 2013 and most of 2014, there was one supreme king when it came to test boosters…and that was TestoFuel. But then along came the usurper called Prime Male. Until Prime Male came along, no other product had even come that close to grabbing the crown from TestoFuel as Best Testosterone Booster on the Market.

What about 2017?

We brought our two king competitors together again this year for a repeat battle and this is what we found…

First – Some Test Booster History

history of testosterone boostersTestoFuel had always been a perennial favorite.  It owned the testosterone booster market in 2013 and 2014.

TestoFuel reviews have always been positive and the customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive to also support those consistently positive reviews.

The reason TestoFuel did so consistently well for so long was because:

  • It has a powerful formulation of proven and tested ingredients
  • The ingredients are all natural
  • They don’t underdose the product to save money
  • The price point for the market’s best t-booster wasn’t out of reach for the average joe

Then Came Prime Male

prime male reviewAt the end of 2014, Prime Male was introduced to the market with their first iteration of their testosterone booster.

At that time, the Prime Male vs. TestoFuel fight was teeth-clenchingly close, as both products had similar king-making ingredients to build lean muscle, ignite your sex drive, and increase energy and stamina.

Everything about TestoFuel and Prime Male was so similar including ingredients, dosages, price, and performance.

Even the market had a tough time deciding which product was better.  Some reviews crowned TestoFuel and some crowned Prime Male, and some just crowned them co-winners together.

New Prime Male Ingredients Formulation Changes The Game

new testosterone booster ingredientsIn 2015, the Prime Male team raised their game and pulled a few tricks out of their sleeve by delivering some massively impressive new and powerful test boosting ingredients and new dosages with associated benefits beyond what TestoFuel was able to produce.

The changes they made in the test booster’s new formulation were dramatic:

  • They raised the bar on their quality dramatically by choosing the citrate form of all their testosterone booster ingredients which increases the body’s rate of absorption exponentially, thus providing an even greater testosterone boosting effect.  This had to have been a difficult financial decision since using the higher quality citrate form of ingredients is much more expensive to do.
  • They added some new market-leading test boosting ingredients like Zinc Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Boron, Korean Red Ginseng, and Luteolin.
  • They reformulated the dosages on certain key ingredients to provide even more powerful testosterone boosting results.  They doubled the amount of Vitamin K2, increased the amount of Nettle Root Extract by 15%, and they increased the amount of vitamin B6 by 10x!

Prime Male Is The Clear Winner Again For 2017

prime male is top ratedAfter the Prime Male team reformulated their ingredients, the second iteration of this powerfully effective testosterone booster has become the clear winner as the best testosterone booster on the market for 2017.

It has the best selection of proven ingredients, the highest quality and forms of ingredients, and the most powerful dosages to clearly separate itself from long-time favorite, TestoFuel.


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Product Description

highest quality test booster ingredientsPrime Male has changed the rules on explosive power– with some very positive side effects to be experienced with your energy and libido, too. All this from a natural testosterone booster.

Not only is this “kingmaker” made from all-natural ingredients, but those ingredients have an entire legion of scientists behind them to back them up with proven data.

Not only that, but Prime Male is full of meaningful and large enough dosages of proven and tested ingredients because Kings don’t mess around with sappy, diluted powders that don’t deliver. And kings of any age will see explosive results because Prime Male is optimized to deliver results on your body no matter what era of your reign you’re currently living… even in your 40s, your 50s or beyond.


Powerful and Proven Ingredients

The never-before seen blend of twelve ingredients were formulated by scientists …borne of the lab…to boost your energy, raise your testosterone levels, increase your libido, and renew your stamina so your kingship reigns supreme in the gym, throughout the day, and in the bedroom as well.

Ingredients are not created equally in all testosterone boosters, which is why not every product can be a kingmaker. The right blend must be tested, tweaked, and tested again with the right dosages to arrive at the perfect formula. Only then can a product deliver real, pure, and even extreme results.

There are many usurpers contending for the crown, but they don’t have the tested, proven, and highest quality and forms of ingredients found in Prime Male. In fact, they make false claims to the crown with unproven ingredients like Ginger, Saw Palmetto, and Velvet Antler. While these ingredients do have health benefits, they simply don’t have what it takes to boost testosterone.

Health benefits are good but it’s real testosterone boosting results that wins the crown.

Other pretenders to the crown may have the proven ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid but they’ve neglected to test and re-test their dosages to get the formula right- dosages need to be powerful and meaningful to make any difference on your testosterone levels.

Watch out for claims that a product contains proven ingredients to boost testosterone levels …but doesn’t deliver enough of them to do anything at all!

Here’s one of the most impressive things about the ingredients used in Prime Male.  Prime Male formulators used the highest quality and highest citrate forms of all the the ingredients included in this testosterone booster.

Prime Male uses all the higher quality citrate forms of the ingredients for the highest quality and maximum absorption by the body which, in turn, produces the greatest test boosting results!

Prime Male Ingredients, Straight from the Label


  • D-Aspartic Acid – the CORE ingredient!  It stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone (LH).  Luteinizing hormone stimulates the production of free testosterone!
    • Studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid can increase luteinizing hormone and testosterone by over 45% in as little as 13 days!
  • Vitamin D3numerous studies show a correlation between men with low testosterone levels having low levels of Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K2 – increases the testosterone boosting effectiveness and power when taken with Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6 – amino acid that increases the rate of testosterone synthesis
  • Magnesium Citrate – reduces the total amount of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in your bloodstream which is exactly what you need since SHBG binds to testosterone making it inactive
  • Zinc – helps your pituitary gland release luteinizing hormone which stimulates the production of free testosterone
  • Korean Red Ginseng – not only does it improve energy levels, concentration, and physical stamina, but it also stimulates libido and assists in strong erections!
  • Boron– increases free testosterone by up to 28% and also reduces estrogen (testosterone killer) by up to 39%
  • Luteolin – dramatically reduces the production of estrogen
  • Mucuna Prurienscontrols estrogen and prolactin levels (both testosterone killers) in men
  • Nettle Root Extract– binds with SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which makes more free testosterone available for your body
  • BioPerine® – dramatically increases your body’s absorption rate of the ingredients dramatically!


What I don’t like about Prime Male

As far as I’m concerned, no product is perfect, and Prime Male is no exception.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the product, and I love the ingredients….in fact, I think  the product and the ingredients are the best in the market.  So what’s the problem?

My issue has to do with the price.  It’s almost $70 for a month’s supply of Prime Male.

There are lots of testosterone boosters out there that are much lower in price.  I’m very frugal by nature, so it’s hard for me to pay for a product when I know I can get a similar product for much cheaper.

How I ended up resolving this in mind was that I could pay $70 for a product that had the highest quality and forms of ingredients that actually produced results or I could pay for something significantly cheaper with the wrong ingredients and dosages or low quality ingredients that didn’t do the job – which is boost my testosterone.

If it doesn’t do the job, then I’m just throwing the money away.

Prime Male also has a buy 3 get 1 free deal, so that helps my frugal mind justify it even more.

“You get what you pay for” definitely applies in this case.  If you want the best and you want real and meaningful results, then you have to pay for it.


Prime Male vs. TestoFuel

Prime male vs TestofuelAs you might have guessed by now, I love the ingredients and the meaningful dosages in Prime Male. This testosterone booster is made of the right stuff, just like its rival TestoFuel which if you remember was for a time the sole best test booster of 2014.

But no two testosterone booster products are exactly the same. Let’s take a look at the differences between our two kings…

  • Prime Male actually has 5 very powerful ingredients that are NOT included in TestoFuel:
    1. Mucuna Pruriens Seed – reduces the production of Cortisol (which kills testosterone) and increases dopamine
    2. Nettle Root Extract – frees up testosterone for your body to use and binds with the sex hormone binding globulin
    3. BioPerine® – dramatically increases your body’s absorption rate of testosterone boosting ingredients
    4. Boron – lowers the production of estrogen (which kills testosterone)
    5. Luteolin – another ingredient that reduces the production of testosterone-killing estrogen
  • TestoFuel actually has about 700mg more of D-Aspartic Acid than Prime Male


What You Can Expect from Prime Male


  • Noticeably HIGHER SEX DRIVE
    prime male benefits
  • Serious test-boosting that leads to all-out INTENSE WORKOUTS
  • Potential side effects? After carefully going over Prime Male ingredients with a fine tooth comb, however, there’s nothing I found that would suggest any harmful or even unpleasant side effects…it’s all natural!
  • You can expect that this product will actually deliver on its promise to increase your testosterone levels!

when to take prime maleHow and When to Take Prime Male

The product manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule four times a day, which works out to 1 when you wake up, then one 4 hours later, repeated until you’ve taken 4.  I take one at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one before bed.


Customer Testimonials

Positive product reviews and positive real customer feedback are two very important criteria you need to check out when evaluating any product – especially a testosterone booster.  It really says something about a company and a product when you have real people posting real pictures and and their own personal reviews on how well the product is working for them.  Men in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond are seeing REAL BENEFITS AND RESULTS with Prime Male!







Interested in reading more customer testimonials of real men getting awesome results [CLICK HERE]?


Where to Buy Prime Male & How Much it Costs

  • shop now and buy prime male Prime Male is sold exclusively through the >>>Prime Male website<<<
  • It’s $69 per month and $138 for two months’ supply.
  • Discount pricing happens when you buy 3 months worth, which is when this $207 deal kicks in: BUY 3 GET 1 FREE. That lowers the price per box to $52 rather than $69…that’s a savings of $17 per box.
  • Prime Male comes with an AWESOME 90-day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee…not 60 days…90 days! (3 months!)
  • Bottom line – Prime Male is definitely not the cheapest test booster on the market, but it is unquestionably the VERY BEST – HANDS DOWN!



NFL Hall of Famer, Andre Reed, Talks About Why He Uses Prime Male!


The Final Verdict

prime male verdict


Prime Male


  • Prime Male is the only true contender for the crown of best testosterone booster on the market – BAR NONE!
  • In reading through many test booster reviews, Prime Male edges out TestoFuel in most of the reviews now with its new formulation because it has the most impressive, studied, and medically proven set of ingredients in the market today!
    • I’ve scoured the web for prime male reviews and I’ve never seen even a single negative review – that’s incredible to me!
  • The scientifically proven ingredients will serve up more energy, increased libido, and mind-blowing pumps and total workout insanity, so you simply can’t go wrong with Prime Male!
  • It is unequivocally the most potent and powerful test booster producing the most dramatic and measurable results!

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