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Animal Stak Review

animal stak review

The Case For Animal Stak

Men are facing a very serious problem in today's modern time, and that problem is the fact that testosterone levels across the board are dropping faster in men today than ever before in history.

On average, men today have approximately 20% less testosterone than equal men had in the 1990's.

Not only that, but men are being seen and treated for low testosterone related issues at younger and younger ages.​

In the 15 years since I started practicing Age Management & Hormone Optimization, I've noticed a change in men's physiologies. Across the board, testosterone levels are declining at earlier and earlier ages.

Instead of men coming in between the ages of 35 - 45 with less than optimal testosterone levels (or Low T), they're coming in their late 20s!"

Dr. Mike Carragher 
Age Management & Hormone Optimization

As a result of the lower overall testosterone levels in men and the faster rate of testosterone decline than ever before, men are looking to natural testosterone boosters as one way to combat the problem and get their T back to healthy levels.

The Importance Of Testosterone

Testosterone used to be just thought of as the male sex hormone, and that its only real function was to provide the drive for sexual behavior, but we've come to learn that testosterone actually plays a much more pivotal and diverse role in the lives of men.

Testosterone touches many different aspects of a man's physical and mental being.

benefits of healthy testosterone levels

Everything from mental focus to immune system and bone density is affected by testosterone.

The importance of testosterone is becoming more well known and understood by men, which is another reason why men are looking at natural testosterone boosters like Animal Stak as a possible solution to help them regain healthy T levels.

Symptoms of Low T

Suffering from Low T is something many men are faced with today. One of the problems is that a lot of men don't even know that they have Low T because they don't know the signs or symptoms to look for.

Sometimes they just think they're they're tired or depressed, when in reality, there's a much more named physiological issue going on called Low T.

Your testosterone levels naturally decline at about 1.25% per year after the age of 30, and you typically see your biggest overall drop between the ages of 35 to 50.​

Here are some symptoms of Low T to look out for:

signs of low testosterone

Animal Stak Testosterone Booster

Now that we have a proper framework set, let's talk about what Animal Stak is and whether its a viable solution for increasing testosterone levels in men.

I think the first question you need to ask is whether Animal Stak is a testosterone booster or not. It's often brought in the conversation when speaking about test boosters, so we decided to do a review of it, but after doing the review, we were left scratching our heads a bit wondering why this product is ever in the testosterone boosting conversation.​

Marketed As A Hardgainer's Stack​

Well, this was our first clue that something was amiss.

We had heard that Animal Stak recently updated their ingredients formulation, and now any references to testosterone boosting have been removed from the marketing collateral.

Now it looks like it's being marketed as a muscle-building hardgainer's stack.

Just to be sure that maybe this wasn't a marketing glitch, we decided to check the ingredients of the new formulation.​

Animal Stak Ingredients

Looking at an ingredients label has a way of bringing clarity and truth to a product that cuts through any marketing hype or hyperbole. Let's see what happened when looking at the Animal Stak ingredients.

animal stak ingredients

What We Noticed About The Animal Stak Ingredients

First thing we noticed was that there were A LOT of ingredients!

In fact, there were 24 different ingredients. That was pretty impressive, because in our reviews of the different testosterone boosters on the market, we have a hard time finding products that have at least 5 different ingredients, and Animal Stak had 24!

We also noticed that there was absolutely no mention of testosterone in any of the ingredients complex descriptions.

Well, this isn't looking good so far.​

Are There Any Testosterone Boosting Ingredients?

Well, out of that whole list of 24 ingredients, we found 1 ingredient that has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone and that ingredient was Fenugreek.

Obviously there are a couple of major problems here.

The first one being that there's only 1 test boosting ingredient. For us to consider a testosterone booster to be in the "above  average" category, we have set the bar that there must be at least 5 proven T boosting ingredients to make it effective.

The second thing that is a major problem is that Animal Stak does not give you the individual ingredient dosages. So you don't know how much you're really getting. In this case, we see that Fenugreek is part of a proprietary blend of ingredients they call the Insulin Potentiating Complex (whatever that means).

Anyway, we know that there 500 total mg in that complex and it's divided up in some way among four different ingredients - Fenugreek being one them.

So, there could be 1 mg of Fenugreek or 400, nobody knows, and this is another problem we have with any product that has one or more proprietary blends. We have set a guideline that for any product to be considered above average, it may not contain a proprietary blend.​

Does Animal Stak Really Work?

First, let me say that we're going to clarify that this question is strictly about the testosterone boosting capabilities of Animal Stak. We're not reviewing it for any other function or capability.

With that as the backdrop, we can only go with the facts, and what the facts show is that this product only has one T boosting ingredient with an unknown dosage.

Even if Fenugreek accounted for 400+ mg of the 500 mg complex, it would still be less than average at best for a testosterone booster.


Because the best testosterone boosters on the market have anywhere from 8 to 12 different proven test boosting ingredients with good strong dosages for each and every ingredient (and they're all displayed and not hidden under a proprietary blend).

So 1 test boosting ingredient without any idea how many mg means that it's not going to work as a testosterone booster. It may provide other benefits, but boosting your testosterone is just not going to be one of them.

Plus, to be fair, they're not even marketing this new Animal Stak formula as a testosterone booster. There's no mention of test boosting anywhere.​

Where To Buy Animal Stak

If you think that Animal Stak may help or benefit you in a different regard after looking at the ingredients, and you want to give it a try, you can you easily buy it on Amazon, just click the link below and it'll take you right to it. It actually got 4.5 stars for the customers that bought it. Those customers were looking specifically for either a muscle building supplement or something that could help hardgainers.

Animal Stak Review Verdict

I think this one is pretty cut and dry. 

Animal Stak is not marketed as a testosterone booster, so it really shouldn't be included the testosterone booster conversation anymore.

That's not a knock on the product, because clearly they are marketing it as something else now, whereas the older version was being marketed as as test booster.

Like we pointed out already, there's only one test boosting ingredient in the whole 24-ingredient formulation, and there's no info on even how much of that one ingredient you're getting.

Bottom Line: If you're serious about wanting to boost your testosterone, then you should look for something much better.  Check out below for our recommendations for this year.​

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