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Ageless Male Review

ageless male review

Ageless Male - Worldwide Best-Seller?

Are you over 40 and think that you may be losing your edge? You don’t have to feel that way. Not when there are several different supplements on the market today that can help you regain some of that spunk that you have lost.

One of those supplements is “Ageless Male.” Ageless Male is a T-Booster that is supposed to help your body increase testosterone levels naturally and get you back in the game.

If you look at the label, it says very boldly:  Worldwide Best Seller

Well, then this product must be the best testosterone booster in the world, right?

Not so fast.

Ageless Male has some pretty mixed reviews. Some claim that it is a lifesaver while others say that it doesn’t do anything for them. So which one is right? Does Ageless Male testosterone booster help you regain some of your youthfulness? Or is it just another run of the mill supplement that is taking up space on the shelves?

Truth be told, Ageless Male is a so-so supplement. You will be able to find a better one with a little research and patience. Hopefully, we can help you out in that regard since we've reviewed so many products, ingredients, dosages, medical journals, etc.

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Since not everyone is created the same there may be a small percentage of people that experience some sort of mild benefit, but generally speaking, you won’t find Ageless Male as your miracle supplement to boost your testosterone levels from what we can determine by what science tells us.

Low Levels of Testosterone:

When it comes to finding the right supplement, you may become frustrated with all the different products out there. You see all the ads that claim this and that, but many of them don’t live up to the hype. Finding the right one takes time. But why do you need a testosterone boost, to begin with?

In many cases, you may find that you have what doctors call “Low T” or hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a completely avoidable condition if you have the right supplement.

With Low T you will find that your body just doesn’t work right. Now for some, they may find this a bit troubling. But rest assures that Low T can affect any male at any age not just those 40 and older. It just happens to hit those 40 and over more often due to natural aging and the body breaking down. But for anyone suffering from Low T you don’t have to take it sitting down. You can find a supplement that is right for you and regain your lust for life.

So How Do You Know You Have Low T?

The best way for you to find out if you have a low level of testosterone is by getting yourself checked by your doctor. But, there are also some tell-tell signs that you may be one of the thousands who suffer from this medical condition.

Some of the signs you should be looking out for are:

  • Chronic fatigue/weakness
  • Sexual dysfunction including low libido, erectile dysfunction, or poor performance
  • Unexplainable loss in muscle mass or increase in body fat
  • Extreme mood swings including depression, anxiety, paranoia
  • Change in sleeping habits

While many of these symptoms can come from other conditions, usually low testosterone levels are behind them. It is always best to seek medical advice when dealing with your testosterone levels since testosterone works like the engine to keep your body going. Without a proper tune up the engine will stall. That is basically what happens to your body when the levels are low. You wouldn’t run your car without gas or oil, so why keep pushing your body without this crucial hormone that keeps everything running smoothly?

That is why there are supplements out there that target this particular medical issue. So what about Ageless Male? How does it help with low testosterone levels?

Ageless Male Ingredients

When it comes to Ageless Male as a testosterone boosting supplement all you have to do is look at the list of ingredients to know if it will work for you. The ingredients are a sure-fire way to see if the product will hold any weight or if it is just another so-so product.

ageless male ingredients

On the back of Ageless Male, you will see that there are 4 ingredients that make up the whole formulation.

  • Vitamin B6 - 4.9 mg - this dosage is okay
  • Magnesium - 16 mg - this dosage is too low
  • Zinc - 15 mg - this dosage is too low
  • Fenugreek - this dosage is okay

The good news is that these ingredients are well-known in many testosterone boosters. The reason is because they are known good ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone.

That's half the battle - now what about the other half?

Dosage levels are the other half. You need to pay close attention to the dosages of ingredients. When you look at these four popular ingredients you will see that Ageless Male just doesn’t have a high enough dose in 2 out of the 4 ingredients to make a substantial and measurable difference in your testosterone level.

Does Ageless Male Really Work?

After looking at the ingredients, this is why we think Ageless Male is only a so-so product.

The issues are:

  1. There are only 4 total ingredients in the entire formulation. For us to consider a product as above-average, we start with the requirement that product have at least 5 known test boosting ingredients.
  2. The second problem was the fact that with a below-average number of ingredients offered, only two of those had dosage levels that were appropriate, while the other two were underdosed, and therefore it's difficult to give those two any real effectual weight.​

So to answer the question Does Ageless Male work, our answer is that you might experience a low level benefit of some kind, but nothing near what your goal is.

Your goal is to find a testosterone booster that significantly raises your testosterone levels so that you can experience all the good benefits that come with healthy and vibrant T levels.

While Ageless Male isn’t the worst testosterone supplement on the market, it certainly isn’t the best either. You need to find a supplement that can provide you with more ingredients, better ingredients, and higher dosages.

Ageless Male Customer Reviews

One other layer of information to use is to actual real customer feedback on the product. You can't argue with science, but it's always good to look at what people are saying that actually use the product.

When it's an option, we like to go through the Amazon reviews and see what people are saying.  What we found was that out of 162 reviews, Ageless Male got an average of 3.5 stars. It turns out that people either really liked the product a lot or they didn't. Very little middle of the road opinions on Ageless Male.

ageless male customer reviews
ageless male reviews

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Should You Buy Ageless Male

If you'd just like to try the product and experience a lower level of benefit, then sure, give the product a shot. It's definitely not going to hurt you, and chances are you will get something positive out if.

We've been pretty upfront with you about this product that at best, it's an average product, and there are a good number of testosterone boosters that are SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER.

However, if you have your mind and heart set on Ageless Male, then by all means give it shot. You can click below and it'll take you right to the Amazon offering.​

Ageless Male Side Effects

Are there any known side effects with Ageless Male? 

This product uses known good natural supplement ingredients. As long as you're not doing anything crazy and taking triple doses, you're not going to experience any negative side effects. The dosages are mild with this product anyway.​

Ageless Male Review Summary

Sure dealing with low levels of testosterone can be a pain. You can be moody and tired and just down right not yourself. But once you find the right supplement, it will change your life. You will gain muscle mass, have more energy and find your libido is charged and rearing to go.

While Ageless Male isn’t all it is cracked up to be, it is better than some. Just be sure to do your homework before buying any supplement. Go online and read reviews, check the ingredients, check the dosage, and then make an educated decision about the product. Just don’t grab the first supplement you see because the advertisements sound enticing. Most of the time it is just to sell products and the supplement doesn’t work.

That sounds like a lot of time and effort to do all that, and frankly, it does a lot of time. Why not leverage all the hours of research and analysis we've done this year. We've done hundreds of product reviews, spent countless hours going through medical journals, cross referencing all of our information. All of our efforts so far have culminated in us finding 3 testosterone boosters that we feel stand out above the rest. They meet all of our requirements for being an above average testosterone booster. They over deliver on everything, but especially RESULTS! See why we like these products so much!

When it comes to increasing your testosterone naturally, you need to take a multi-faceted approach. You need to make changes in your exercise, your dietary choices, your lifestyle choices, and your environment. Together all these things will create a powerful and measurable INCREASE in your T levels - and it's all done naturally! One of the easiest and most potent ways to really make a change in your T is by supplementing with a proven testosterone booster. It's got to have at least 8-12 scientifically proven test boosting ingredients, high potent dosages (all listed), and it's got to have great market and customer reviews! All those check mark boxes are checked with our Top 3 Winners of this year! Just pick the one that fits your needs best!

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